First Consultation

You have come here to get healed. We are here to select the best possible medicine for you. In order to do that, we depend on your co-operation.


If we are to make a successful prescription, we must know all the details of your sickness. We must also understand all the features that belong to you as an individual.This includes your reactions to various factors, your past and family history and your mental make up.

This information enables us to select the remedy that removes your sickness from within. The medicine also makes you well as a whole person.

In order to find out all about you, we shall be asking you many questions. Each one of these questions has a definite meaning and significance for us. There is not a single question that is useless. Even something that you may think is not connected with your trouble may be the most important factor in deciding the correct homeopathic medicine. That is why you must be free and frank and give us the fullest possible information on each point.

We may ask you the same questions again and again. This does not mean that your answers are not clear, or that we did not understand them. We found that by asking some questions repeatedly we are able to get a clearer perception of what your inner experience is, and this is vital to find a good remedy for you.