Patient Guidelines

1) Homeopathic treatment is aimed to treat you as a whole person including all your complaints. Please do not use any other medicine (including allopathy, home remedies, other homeopathic remedies, biochemic remedies, etc) unless allowed by the doctor.

2) If you develop any acute problem during the course of treatment including cold, cough, diarrhea, fever, headaches, pains, etc. try your best not to take any other treatment for the same. If the problem is too much then please do contact us. In most cases homeopathy is sufficient to handle acute problems. In this way you will not be interfereing in the treatment, rather you will be helping it.

3) New cases will be seen only by appointments. During this time the doctor requires total concentration. Please do not disturb the doctor at this time.

4) You need to continue the medicine without a break till the doctor indicates that you have to stop. We are giving you a course of treatment for your total health and not merely a medicine for your complaints. So, even if you feel better, please continue the medicine and report regularly till the doctor feels you can stop.

5) Please cooperate with these procedures so that we can do our best for you.