Things To Keep In Mind

- Do not touch the medicines with hand.

- The pills are to be kept on the tongue and allowed to dissolve slowly.

- It is better to avoid taking coffee, garlic, raw onions, tobacco, and avoid use of strong perfumes while on homeopathic treatment.

- Avoid eating or drinking at least 20 minutes before and after taking the medicine. However you may drink water.

- Do not store the medicine near any strong smelling substance like perfume etc.

- Do not expose the medicine to sunlight.

- For emergency medicine given for an acute condition such as fever/diarrhea, dissolve 5-10 pills in one cup of water and give one spoon every 20 minutes from the prepared medicinal water after stirring it each time. This water can be used for 12 hours post which you need to prepare a fresh solution.

- Avoid giving the water if the patient has gone off to sleep.