A case of chalazion of the eye with recurrent styes

This is the case of a 15 year old boy who came with history of recurrent styes and chalazion of both eyes since one year. Already surgery had been done by the ophthalmologist for the chalazion one year back and now there was recurrence. The patient was reluctant to go for surgery again. And so the patient thought of trying homoeopathy and he came to me.

After taking his detailed history we found that he was a mild, yielding person who was very sensitive to reprimands and criticism. He had lack of self confidence and hence was anxious before exams or before giving a presentation.
Hence based on these observations we gave him his constitutional medicine and after 15 days he came with a very big abscess on his leg. The abscess might have come as a body’s attempt to throw out the inner toxins.
I repeated his constitutional medicine again. After a week the abscess healed and since then he is well and doesn’t get any styes and chalazions in his eyes.