A case of a 41 year old lady with Gout and hysteria

This is the case of a 41 year old lady who came for treatment for gout in October 2010. He serum uric acid level was raised to 10 mg%. She had severe pain in her toe joints which were swollen.
All her complaints started after her 10 year old son expired. She was shocked after he expired that she started getting hysterical attacks after he passed away.

With slightest emotional upsets she would get hysterical and faint. This would happen atleast 2-3 times in a week.
Considering the causative factor and sudden emotional shock and grief, we chose her constitutional medicine.
After 2 months her husband reported that she had only one hysterical attack in 2 months. Also her swelling and pain of toe joint was better and her uric acid levels were less than before (8mg%).

After 6 months she felt much more relaxed and had no hysterical attacks and her uric acid levels were normal. We followed the case for one year after which the homoeopathic treatment was stopped.