A case of severe Head Injury

This is the case of one female patient, aged 70 years who reported severe head injury in a road traffic accident. She was admitted in the hospital intensive care unit in a critical condition. She also had one epileptic seizure. I was called to see her by her relatives.
I observed that she was very drowsy and unable to recognize people with frothing of saliva at the mouth. There was jerking movement of one hand and leg and she rolled her head on the pillow. There was aphasia and hence she was unable to speak.

I gave her a dose of the indicated medicine and after 3 hours she regained her consciousness, was mentally alert and able to recognize relatives. In 3 days, she was able to speak, understand and was made to walk for 5 minutes. Also the epileptic fits have not recurred. On the 5th day she was moved out of the intensive care unit. Also her CT scan showed a lot of improvement.