A case of Lichen Planus

In 2011, there was one female patient, aged 27 years who came with reddish eruptions on skin with severe itching. Also she had complaint of irregular menstruation. Her dermatologist had diagnosed the case as Lichen Planus. As there is no specific medicine in Allopathy she was referred to me.

On detailed history taking it was revealed she had a deep rooted feeling of insecurity which led to relationship problems with her in laws. Hence she was suffering from depression. There was lot of anxiety related to her future and relationship with her in laws. After 2 hours of detailed case taking I gave her constitutional medicine and called her after 15 days.

After 15 days when she came back she reported that she had got her menses which was delayed since 3 months. Mentally she felt better, more relaxed.

Her attitude towards her husband and in laws improved and itching of skin was slightly better. The case was followed up for 6 months. Her menstrual cycle became regular and her Lichen Planus was completely cured.