A case of a 15 year old child with migraine

This is the case of a 15 year old child referred to me by a physician for a severe migraine problem since 1 year.

He was a scholar in his class and all his teachers were very fond of him. But one day, on some minor mistakes he was scolded by the teacher in front of all students. That triggered the first episode of the migraine. The migraine was so severe that he was not able to focus on studies. Slowly his performance in the class declined.

He was the only child and hence his parents had high expectations from him. They would force him to study and criticize him if he got less marks. This increased the stress in the child.

Based on his history, I gave his constitutional medicine. After 1 month he reported, dramatic improvement in his migraine. The frequency and intensity of attacks reduced and after 6 months he was almost free of attacks.