A case of a 7 year old child with Nocturnal Enuresis

In August 2011, a 8 year old child was brought to me with complaints of daily bedwetting or nocturnal enuresis.

On probing the case further we found the child had lot of fears. These fears were because of very strict parenting, especially the mother who would scold and nag at the child for small trifling matters. Also she would threaten the child that if he doesn’t listen she will call the police to catch him or call the doctor to give him an injection.
The child had fear of darkness, insects, and dogs and would startle easily from loud noise such as crackers, thunderstorm, etc.

Also the child had dreams of ghosts eating him and he would wake up frightened clinging to the mother.
The child used to also bite his nails when nervous or scared.
Based on the above history his constitutional medicine was prescribed.

After one month the child reported that his fear of darkness had reduced. He was able to sleep alone in a dark room without the mother. Also he no more had fearful dreams and his nocturnal enuresis was now about 4 times a week.

After 3 months he reported overall improvement and nocturnal enuresis was only once a week. In about 4 months, the child was much more confident, there was no nail biting, his fears had reduced and nocturnal enuresis had completely stopped.

In this case I also did parent counseling as the child had become fearful because of the fears instilled in him by the parents especially the mother.