A case a lady with psychiatric disease

This is the case of a 55 year old lady, unmarried who came to me with a psychiatric problem. She was already under the treatment of a renowned psychiatrist since last 5 years and had little improvement.

She was having a constant suspicion that people around her are plotting to harm her. As she would always feel people are plotting to harm her, she would pick fights with people at home and at office.

Also she felt afraid to go out alone, lest somebody will kidnap her.

She was very superstitious and felt that somebody had done black magic on her and hence she shall never be happy.

She felt that someone had cursed her and so she wasn’t able to get married.

Besides she was very particular in keeping things and would be disturbed if things are out of place.

Considering her entire state of mind, I gave her constitutional medicine and called her after 1 month.

When she followed up after 1 month, she reported that she felt much happier and calmer mentally. Before she was a loner and would not make friends. Now she had started mixing with people and going out. Also she was now less disturbed if things were out of place. Her suspicion that people were plotting to harm her had disappeared. After 2 months she developed a skin rash, which indicated that the medicine was correct and now the central disturbance had become more superficial and had come on the skin. The skin rash also healed after 2 months and now she is doing very well and is off all allopathic medicine.