A case of Rheumatoid Arhtritis

This is the case of a 50 year old male patient who had severe pain of his wrist joint , fingers and the knee joints. His blood tested positive for RA factor ( Rheumatoid Arthriic factor). He was not able to do any work with his hand. Also there was stiffness of knee joints and he was hardly able to walk.

He came to me in 1999, and gave his detailed history. He said that he was tired of allopathic medication which gave only temporary relief. He had also taken the course of steroidal injections locally in the joints but with only temporary relief and relapse.

He mentioned that he was doing average in his career as a bank officer. But he mentions that his main problem was his mind. He said that at any point of time he would have two trains of thoughts. There is voice in him that tells him to do good to others or help others and there is another voice in him that tells him to harm others. He mentions that he has both an angel and a devil living in him and there is always a conflict between the angel and the devil. If the devil supervenes then he gets very superstitious that God will harm him.

It was observed that this conflict was evident in every sphere of his life. His self confidence was low which affected his progress in his career. As a student he had severe fear of exams.

Based on the history, I had prescribed for him his constitutional medicine. After one week his pain was relieved and he felt mentally relaxed. After another month the conflict in his mind about the devil and angel was lesser. After 4 months he had forgotten about the duality and conflict in his mind and felt much more relaxed. His RA factor showed improvement. After one year he was completely well, there was no emotional conflict and his RA factor became negative. The case was followed up for 3 years after which we stopped even homoeopathic medication.