A case of a 30 year old lady with Tinea Capitis

Case of tinea capitis

This is the case of a 30 year old lady who came in Jun 2000 with tinea capitis since 2 years. She had tried allopathic and ayurvedic treatments with temporary or no relief.

She had developed baldness of head at 3 places with completely loss of hair.
On taking history we realized that she was very fearful of her husband who was like a Hitler in the house. She would start preparing the house for cleanliness one hour before he comes. Also the children would not be allowed to make any noise in the father’s presence.

As a child her parents were also very strict and she had great fear of both her parents.
Hence there was a fear that was running through the case.

Also she always had the fear that her husband is having an affair and shall leave her alone.
Considering the history I gave her constitutional medicine. In first 3 months, her fear decreased, she felt more relaxed. Her chronic cold got cured. However there was no change in the baldness due to tinea capitis. Since she was overall better, I did not change the medicine and waited. In the fourth month she noticed that the bald patch had decreased in size and few hair had appeared. This improvement continued and after 8 months she was completely cured. Her appeared again and she is doing well on the whole.