A case of a lady with Warts

This is the case of a 35 year old female patient who came to me in 1997 with history of warts on forearm, hands and chest. The warts were black in color and in groups covering large area of the skin. As it covered large areas, the allopathic doctor had said cauterization or burning of warts is not possible. Besides there could be recurrence, post cauterization. So she was referred to me.

After taking the case I realized that there was a lot of stress at her in laws and she felt that her husband is also not supporting her. Hence she experienced lot of disappointment and grief. She had craving for salt.

I gave her constitutional homoeopathic medicine and called her after a month. When she came almost 70 percent of her warts had fallen off and the skin had cleared. In six month her warts had completely gone.