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WHO defines health as the state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease.

At Holistic Health Care – The Homoeopathic healing centre based at Ahmedabad and managed by Dr Neha Pujara,a homeopathic doctor. The integrity of mind, body and spirit is respected and we provide the state of complete physical, mental and social well being, that is Holistic Health Care through the system of homeopathy.

Holistic Health Care Homoeo clinic specialises in:

1) Classical homeopathy for treatment of pediatric or children cases, psychiatric dieases, different types of cancers, gynecological problems of females, all types of chronic diseases of skin, joints, digestive sytem, respiratory system, etc.

2) Parent - child counseling

3) Adolescent counseling

4) Stress management

5) Scientific meditation

About The Clinic

The Holistic Health Care is the one of its kind in Ahmedabad. An exclusive Health Centre that provides intensive medical care. Our concentration is on healing chronic diseases and undiagnosed medical condition at an affordable cost. We also provide Online Consultation for any one to contact us from any part of the world.

Healing is an experience that encompasses the whole of you : body , mind and spirit. A place of healing, such as this clinic is, should be designed to promote that process.We have aimed to create the right atmosphere, with soothing music, relaxed interiors and a library for your total relaxation while you are here. We have aimed to create a place of peace, calm and silence where the real work of healing can happen with the best that Homoeopathy can offer you. We want to see fewer patients and give them full attention, thus ensuring that they get the highest quality of homeopathic care. We are confident that you will enjoy this place and will appreciate the benefits of the system of working

Our Specialist

Dr Neha Pujara, a homeopathic doctor in Ahmedabad is an efficient and a matured homoeopathic consultant. She has done her homoeopathic graduation from Pune University in 1996. Dr Neha Pujara has started her independent consultation practice as homeopathic doctor at Holistic Health Care in Ahmedabad – Gujarat, India. She has a vast experience of 15 years in homoeopathic consultation and practice. In addition to her private consultation she was also doing honorary consultation for 4 years at one of the trust hospitals in Ahmedabad. At present she is an honorary physician at BAPS Pramukh Swami Hospital at Shahibaug, Ahmedabad. Her approach is patient friendly and humane.

Dr Neha Pujara, a homeopathic doctor in Ahmedabad follows classical method of homoeopathic consultation. Number of patients have benefited by her expert advice and treatment. Many of her articles are published in local newspapers and various magazines. She has coauthored a book ‘Happiness,the ultimate goal of life’ which is based on the detailed analysis of the human mind and patanjali yoga. She teaches techniques of scientific meditation to patients as a tool to bring in self awareness and healing. She has taken lectures on 'Stress,Stress Management and role of homoeopathy' and 'Stress in children and role of parenting' at various organisations. She ensures that every parent who comes for treatment gets to understand the role of scientific parenting for bringing up children who enjoy good mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual health. In addition to her medical practice, she is also interested in social services and Indian classical music.