Scope of Homeopathy in General

- Homeopathy helps to treat every ailment from within outwards. It first treats the cause itself and then the disease.

- Useful for preventing diseases by improving overall immunity.

- Useful in treating psychosomatic diseases such as hormonal disturbances, hypertension, allergies, migraine, irritable bowels, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, hysteria, insomnia, etc.

- Useful for curing long term chronic diseases as well as acute episodes.

- Useful as a best palliative in incurable diseases.

- Causes lower history of hereditary traits if mother has taken during pregnancy.

- Constitutional medicine removes the tendency to produce certain symptoms by correcting and healing the vital energy itself.

- For eg: it removes tendencies to cold, cough, boils, warts, acidity, asthama, ulcers, long standing constipation, frequent diarrhoea, arhtritis, styes, urinary infections, urticaria, etc

- Useful in mental disorders such as various phobias, anxiety disorders, depression, obsessive compulsions, etc