Homoeopathy in Cancer cases

Homoeopathy is not only effective way of treatment for cancer patients but it is also very cost effective. Homoeopathy can be used along with the conventional allopathic treatment or as a standalone treatment in selected cases.

Generally Cancer treatment involves 5 stages:

1) Cancer Prevention

2) Early Diagnosis

3) Treatment (both medical and surgical)

4) Palliative treament in advanced cases

5) Prevention of recurrence

According to our clinical observation and experience many of the malignancies are caused due to stress or wrong lifestyle habits. Wrong lifestyle habits are also precipitant factors to stress and are often considered as stress busters.eg smoking or drinking is increased when people are under stress.

In homoeopathic practise we consider the deepest emotions and emotional turmoils of a person before prescribing and healing also happens at a deep energy level. Hence homoeopathy plays a great role in such patients. It helps to reduce stress and improve overall immunity.
Patients taking homoeopathic medicines along with conventional treatment recover better and the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy are also reduced.

In many of the patients it decreases inner stress and thereby prevents chances of recurrence.
In advanced cases, homoeopathic medicines act as a palliative; and decrease the pains and other symptoms of cancer.

Homoeopathic case taking itself is a deep inquiry into the life journey of the patient. It is a process to make the patient more aware of his stresses thereby helping him to deal with life better. Hence homoeopathic case taking acts better than any psychotherapy and leads the patient to faster recovery.
Hence homeopathy:

1) Treats the cause and hence plays a role in prevention of cancer
2) Prevents recurrence of the excised tumor
3) Can help to decrease the size of the tumor in inoperable cases
4) Can help prevent side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy
5) Can assist to improve the immunity and help to improve the quality of life of a person.
6) Acts as a best palliative and helps to decrease the pains of cancer

Homoeopathy is effective in all types of malignancies such as carcinoma of liver, oesophagus, stomach, pancrease, uterus, ovaries, brain, throat, tongue, prostrate, breast, non hodkin's lymphoma, leukemia, etc.