Scope of Homeopathy in Injury

Homoeopathic medicines have always had a reputation of treating chronic diseases effectively.

Homoeopathy is equally beneficial in treating physical injuries due to accidents, surgical interventions, sports injuries, tennis elbow, insect bites etc and emotional injuries due to emotional shocks, sudden fear or fright.

Hence the scope of homoeopathy in injury is as follows:


1) Contused injuries after fall
2) Muscular sprains and strains
3) Crushed injuries of fingers
4) Nerve injuries and bad effects there from
5) Injuries from pointed instruments
6) Deep seated injuries to inner organs in road traffic accidents
7) Head injury
8) Surgical injuries during operations or operative procedures or dental tooth extraction
11) Promoting early healing of fractures
12) Injured ligaments or ligamental tears
13) Different sports injuries such as tennis elbow
14) Bad effects of insect bites


1) Sudden emotional shock or trauma due to bad news
2) Bad effects of fear or fright after a road traffic accident
3) Bad effects of fear or fright after earthquake, etc

In fact, Homeopathic medicines for injuries are much easier to prescribe than treating common diseases because treatment for injuries does not require a high degree of individualization of remedies that is typical in treating chronic diseases. When two people have sprained ankles, each of them need a similar Homeopathic remedy to heal them, while two people suffering from arthritis generally require different remedies which are individualized to their unique pattern of symptoms.

Homeopathic medicines ensure early healing and prevent the bad effects of injury and can be taken in conjunction with, conventional first aid measures.Remedies such as Arnica, Helleborous, Natrum Sulph, Rhus Tox, Ruta, Ledum, Bryonia, Bellis Per, Hypericum, Calendula are commonly used injury remedies in homoeopathy and which are an essential part of the homoeopathic first aid kit.