Case Taking Process

Homoeopathic case taking is an art and a science. It requires the skills of a matured homoeopath to do homoeopathic case taking. The homoeopathic case taking generally takes about one – two hours where the physician attempts to understand the person by taking him on an enlightening journey in a step by step manner to understand the uniqueness of the person in health and disease. It has been observed that a good case taking brings about a deep awareness in the patient and intiates healing.

Homoeopathic history taking will take into account:

- Perception of the patient towards life and his life situation

- Individual attitude towards life

- Hobbies and interests

- Relationships at work and at home

- Various emotional traumas experienced

- Deepest fears and anxieties

- Ambitions

- Dreams of a patient

- Past disease history

- Family disease history

- General likes and dislikes with regards to food, drinks, tolerance of weather, habits, etc.