Sources of Homeopathic Medicines

Sources of Homeopathic Medicines

Our medicines are derived from following sources:

Plant Kingdom

• Belladonna atropa (Deadly Nightshade)
• Calendula Off (Marigold)
• Arnica Montana (Leopards bane)
• Crocus Sativa (Meadow saffron)

Mineral Kingdom

• Sulphur
• Calcarea Carb (Calcium Carbonate)
• Nitric-Acid
• Natrum-Muriaticum (Common Salt)

Healthy Tissue & Secretions (Sarcodes)

• Thyroid
• Pituitary


• Magnet
• X-Ray


Some microbes, bacteria, viruses are also used to prepare a special group of medicines (called Nosodes), for instance, influenza virus, bacteria which produce tuberculosis, etc.